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What Months Are Allergy Season?

Older couple riding bikes in allergy season

We all know what allergy season involves—endless sneezing, watery eyes, and an itchy, runny nose—but do you know when allergy season is, exactly? There’s no straightforward answer to this question, as allergy season can vary by area, and different allergens peak at different times. Generally speaking, however, allergy season typically begins in the springtime and wraps up in the fall.

Allergy Season in Maryland

Here’s a quick breakdown of how allergy season usually plays out here in Maryland:

  • March through April – With the welcome rise in temperatures comes an unwelcome increase of tree pollen and allergens from growing grasses and weeds.
  • May through July – This period is generally considered the worst part of allergy season, as local trees, grasses, and weeds thrive and produce plenty of allergens during warm months.
  • July through September – Ragweed—a flowering plant and a very common allergen—strikes during these months.
  • October – Cooling temperatures lead to a reduction in outdoor allergens. Take a deep breath, allergy season is ending!

Same-Day Treatment for Allergies From Fast Track Urgent Care

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