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4 Reasons STD Tests Are Important

One of the most surprising statistics for people who are unfamiliar with the current climate of STDs is that nearly 50% of sexually active adults will have contracted a sexually transmitted disease by the age of 25. Although this is probably a bit shocking, as you might have surmised, most of these STDs are quite curable. Even the few that aren’t can be managed well enough to ensure a good quality of life—especially if they’re detected early.

Although STD tests are important for everyone who is sexually active, they are of special relevance to younger people 25 years of age and under. Although this group represents about 25% of the people who are engaging in sexual activity, as mentioned above, they account for half of the new STD cases. This includes the entire spectrum, from chlamydia and herpes to gonorrhea and the still-serious HIV. In fact, for HIV, most new cases diagnosed are for people aged 20-29 in certain cities.

Why Is STD Testing So Important?

Safe sex, as practiced with a variety of contraceptives, is literally a life-saving option. However, no forms of sex are 100% guaranteed to protect you against acquiring an STD, which is why testing is so important if you are sexually active. Consider the following handful of reasons why getting tested is such an imperative in these times:

  1. Unlike just a decade or so ago, most STDs are quite treatable these days—in fact, nearly all are curable with a prescription regimen. Even HIV is treatable; however, you must have tests done early for this one, which isn’t usually detected in the common medical check-up.
  2. STD tests are also important because even the ones that are treatable, if left untreated, can lead to more serious ailments such as cervical cancer and even render a woman infertile. Early detection is key; go get a checkup if you even suspect something may be wrong as a result of sexual contact.
  3. You may not be symptomatic. This is one of the most important reasons to get tested for an STD—especially if you’ve had unprotected sex recently. Chlamydia, for example, displays no symptoms in the overwhelming majority of both men and women; even HIV may not show anything for a full decade. You run the risk of delaying and allowing the disease to fester and become worse in case you caught something. Furthermore, there’s the risk of transmission if you engage in sexual activity with others afterwards.
  4. It’s possible to have multiple STDs at one time. Regular testing can help you ensure and maintain your good health. Even the ones that are relatively easy to cure can progress to life-threatening status if left untreated.

Although certain groups of people have higher instances of new STD infections; everyone who is sexually active is at risk—especially those who engage in unprotected sex. Safe sex drastically reduces the chances you get an STD, but regular check-ups are still very advisable.

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