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Is the Stomach Flu Contagious?

Is the Stomach Flu Contagious? Yes, the stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis) is contagious. This condition can be caused by one of two viruses – norovirus or rotavirus – and your contagious period may vary depending on which virus is to blame. Regardless, it’s best to stay inside and get plenty of rest while you are dealing with your illness. Take

What Are The Symptoms of Food Poisoning?

What Are the Symptoms of Food Poisoning? Few illnesses are quite as miserable as food poisoning – the condition that can occur if you digest food that is infected with viruses, bacteria, parasites, or their toxins. Food poisoning symptoms can vary from person to person, but often include: Nausea Diarrhea Vomiting Abdominal discomfort Fatigue Fever Many people begin to feel

Home Remedies For a Cold

Easy Home Remedies for a Cold So, you’re stuck on your couch with a miserable cold that you can’t seem to shake. How can you find relief? The good news is, many people can overcome their cold symptoms and get back to feeling human again without visiting a doctor. Consider giving some of these easy home remedies a try if

2019 Flu Symptoms

2019 Flu Symptoms: What to Look For Flu symptoms are known to miserable. For many, catching the seasonal influenza virus results in several days or even weeks of illness that keep them sidelined from work, school, and responsibilities at home. Severe and even life-threatening complications may also develop in individuals with compromised immune systems, including young children and adults over

When To Get Stitches

When to Get Stitches for a Cut Cuts and scrapes happen. When they do, odds are, all you need is some rubbing alcohol and a bandage to treat the nasty cut. However, this isn’t always the case – some wounds require stitches and additional care from a medical professional. So, how can you differentiate when it’s time to break out

How to Get Rid of Allergies

How to Get Rid of Allergies Are your allergy symptoms driving you nuts? Join the club. Millions of Americans deal with disruptive allergy symptoms like sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, headache, and fatigue on a daily basis, and getting rid of them is far easier said than done. The professionals at Fast Track Urgent Care in Silver Spring and Kensington, Maryland,

How Is Asthma Diagnosed & Treated?

Call Fast Track Urgent Care in Maryland at 800-417-1164! As a condition that affects more than 25 million Americans, asthma is a disease you should take very seriously. You might have asthma if you have breathing difficulties, coughing fits, chest tightness, and/or shortness of breath. While you may think mild symptoms of asthma are a nuisance, a flare-up could be

5 Ways to Stay Hydrated in the Summer

The summer is finally arriving again, and it’s easy to forget just how important consistent hydration is. The excess heat makes it easy for your body to lose fluids. Proper hydration is essential to a multitude of functions such as joint lubrication, body temperature regulation, digestion, and more. In the following, we investigate a handful of ways to make sure