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How to Tell If Your Child’s Wound Is Infected

The nature of a child is to explore—this is often not without consequences. Your little conqueror is prone to getting hurt despite the care you take to prevent him/her from doing so. As a parent, it is important to pay close attention to their scrapes and bruises, since their immune system is not yet as strong as it will become. Below are some signs your child’s wound is infected.

Signs of an Infected Wound

It’s a good thing that the signs of infection are readily apparent—if you know what to look for. The first thing you should do with most small cuts and bruises is apply first-aid. Then, watch out for these signs—it might mean there is an infection:

  • Scabs: If the wound has scabbed over, but the scab keeps on growing in size, this could be a sign of an infection underneath the top-layer skin.
  • Pain and swelling: Observe the cut and talk to your child; make sure that the pain and swelling doesn’t keep increasing up to 48 hours after the initial injury – otherwise, an infection may have set in.
  • Headaches: If your child develops a headache or fever, you should definitely head to Fast Track Urgent Care for a walk-in diagnosis.
  • Healing time: Most small to medium-sized wounds should have healed within two weeks – 10 days, to be a bit more exact; if this is not the case, walk in to Fast Track Urgent Care for a professional assessment.
  • Redness: Increased redness in the region of the wound may also be a sign of infection. One of the most dangerous signs of infection is the presence of a redness that appears to be tracing a path to your child’s heart; this is must be treated as soon as possible.
  • Color: Be on the look-out for discoloration; such as pus and fluid emerging from the wound.

If you See Signs of Infection—Visit Fast Track Urgent Care

If you see any of these signs, or perhaps some sign not listed on here that looks unhealthy, do not delay in seeking medical attention for your child. For Washington, DC residents, Fast Track Urgent Care is an immediate solution—both clinics in Maryland are walk-in medical facilities with no appointment needed. We have full-fledged doctors and other healthcare professionals on staff to treat your child’s wound.