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Spring Health & Safety Tips

Spring should be a time to up the fun factor in your life and get moving! It’s also a time when people clean out clutter and get their homes in shape. Here’s how to stay healthy and safe when you’re doing both!

Spring Means More Time Outdoors

First of all, get out there! With the gorgeous spring weather, there’s no excuse not to get fresh air and exercise whenever you can.

Not sure where to go? Find a Montgomery County, MD park that has the amenities and features you want with this handy park search guide. You can find parks with:

  • Basketball or tennis courts
  • Baseball and softball fields
  • Hiking trails
  • Water facilities, including pools and lakes
  • Exercise courses
  • Dog park areas
  • And more

If you are just beginning your journey to an active lifestyle, be sure to check with your doctor before starting an exercise program. And check out the “Adding Physical Activity to Your Life” guide from the Centers for Disease Control.

Spring Cleaning

Spring is a great time to open the windows, air out your home, get rid of things you don’t need, and give the whole place a good cleaning. Why do you need to worry about safety or health when doing these things? Our motto here at Fast Track is Safety First! Save your back and your breath with these tips.

Watch Your Back: Moving and Lifting Safely

Reduce your risk of injury when lifting or moving heavy items by following these three important guidelines:

  1. Bend your knees and put your chest forward.We’ve all heard this advice: “Lift with your knees.” But that’s not all you need to do when lifting a heavy object. It’s just as important to bend your hips while pushing your chest out. Being mindful of your chest position helps you keep a straight back.
  2. Lead with your hips.This one sounds strange and it will probably take you a while to get used to it. Leading with your hips means keeping your shoulders in line with your hips at all times. When you lead with your hips, your shoulders follow, which helps prevent you from twisting. Twisting while lifting can be dangerous and lead to serious injury.
  3. Keep the weight close to you.One of the easiest ways to lose your balance and/or sustain injury when lifting is to stretch or reach out to pick something up and lift it. When you hold the weight close to your body, lifting is much safer, not to mention easier.

Cleaning with Chemicals: Is there a Better Way?

If you are using store-bought cleaning agents with harsh chemicals, make sure you open windows, turn on ventilator fans, or even wear a mask to keep from breathing in full-strength fumes. If you want to avoid the toxicity, you can green your spring cleaning routine by making your own chemical-free cleaning products cheaply and easily.

One of the most commonly-cited DIY cleaning solutions is to mix equal parts vinegar and water. A spray bottle of this non-toxic solution will take care of nearly every day-to-day cleaning project in your home. If you’d like to go the homemade cleaner route but can’t handle the smell of vinegar, just add your favorite essential oil to the mixture. Start with a dozen or so drops and keep adding until the scent is pleasing enough.

Vinegar and water aren’t the only cheap ingredients that can make your house shine. Check out this list of 25 DIY green cleaning recipes.

Urgent Care for Springtime Injuries and Illnesses

If you do find yourself in need of immediate health care this spring, visit one of Fast Track’s two Silver Spring-area urgent care clinics.

Come to Fast Track for:

And much more. See our urgent care services. Call Fast Track at 800-417-1164 for more information.