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Stay Healthy: Protect Yourself from STDs

As a walk-in clinic that offers confidential STD testing in Silver Spring, Fast Track Urgent Care sees a lot of worried patients. If you are concerned that you many have contracted a sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infection, we urge you to come in to one of our two locations and get tested. And we encourage everyone to do

Heart Health: Habits that Could Save Your Life

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. It can strike anyone—but there are ways to reduce your risk. Healthy habits can decrease your chances of getting heart disease. The key components are nutrition, physical activity, and weight management. And of course, the big one: quitting smoking. If this seems overwhelming, remember—you can start slow and

The Only Three New Year’s Resolutions You Need

Want to get healthy in the New Year? For most people, health issues like losing weight and exercising are at the top of their list of resolutions. Yet, year after year, people fail to keep their resolutions and fall back into the same patterns. At Fast Track Urgent Care, we believe that there are just three resolutions necessary to help

Healthy Holidays in Silver Spring

With the year’s biggest “food celebration” holidays quickly approaching, many of us are looking ahead with anticipation and anxiety. We anticipate enjoying our favorite holiday treats and meals, but we’re anxious about gaining weight and compromising our health. We’re looking forward to celebrating with friends and family, but worried about all the opportunities to overindulge. But what if we looked