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What Does a Sprained Joint Feel Like? 

Joint sprains are extraordinarily common injuries that can occur while playing sports, exercising, or simply walking around the house. If you’ve sprained a joint, you may feel a popping or tearing sensation, followed by a feeling of either stiffness or instability. Other signs of a joint sprain include: Pain Swelling Bruising Reduced range of motion Trouble using the affected limb

Can You Go to Urgent Care for Broken Bones?   

Can You Go to Urgent Care for Broken Bones? If you’re wondering whether or not you can visit an urgent care clinic to receive treatment for a broken bone, here’s the answer: it depends! Oftentimes, urgent care doctors can provide treatment to patients with simple fractures. This means that the injured bone has not impacted any of its surrounding tissues.

When to Go to Urgent Care in Silver Spring, MD

When it comes to receiving the medical care you need, you have a few choices: You can reach for a first aid kit and attempt to remedy the problem at home. But, what if the injury or illness is beyond your expertise to treat? You can call your family doctor. But, what if it’s after hours and you can’t wait

Sprains & Strains: What Is the Difference?

You’re physically active and love to play sports. At your most recent practice, you worked yourself really hard. Now your knee is swollen and painful. Do you have a sprain or a strain? The best way to answer this question is to consider how your injury occurred. Then, take the necessary steps to treat your pain and get feeling back

Sports Injury Treatment & Prevention

If you’re an athlete, nothing is worse than being confined to the sidelines on game day because of a sports injury! Fast Track Urgent Care, located in Kensington, Maryland, has experience working with athletes of all ages and offers fast, reliable sports injury treatment. We can get you back in the game in no time! Although some sports injuries (such