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How Long Does Strep Throat Last?

It’s no secret that strep throat can make you feel miserable. If you (or your child) are currently dealing with this unpleasant illness, you’re probably wondering how long it will last and when you can expect relief from lingering symptoms. Strep Throat Fast Facts The duration of strep throat can vary from person to person, but most people feel significantly

What Are the Symptoms of Bronchitis?   

“Bronchitis” typically refers to acute bronchitis—a common viral infection that triggers swelling and mucus production in the lung’s airways. It’s also known as a chest cold. The symptoms of bronchitis can vary from person to person, but usually include a combination of the following: Frequent coughing that may produce mucus Wheezing Sore throat Chest tightness, especially when breathing in or

Is Telemedicine Right for You?

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a whole new vocabulary. One such newly fashionable term is telemedicine—virtual healthcare that allows a patient to consult with a medical professional “face-to-face” from the comfort of home using a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a webcam. There are several benefits to this approach, including: Zero risk of catching or spreading germs in a

What Does a Nebulizer Treatment Do?

What Does a Nebulizer Treatment Do? A nebulizer is a small piece of medical equipment that covers a person’s mouth and nose. It turns liquid medicines into an ultra-fine mist that is easily inhaled. Nebulizer treatment may be appropriate for patients with respiratory conditions like asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), as well as pediatric patients who have difficulty

How Early Can Coronavirus Antibodies Be Detected?

How Early Can Coronavirus Antibodies Be Detected? SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus responsible for the respiratory disease COVID-19, is a relatively new virus that researchers are learning more about every day. One of the many questions that’s currently being investigated is how early coronavirus antibodies can be detected in COVID-19 patients. First, a little background. An antibody is a special protein

Antigen vs. Antibody Testing

Antigen vs. Antibody Testing: What’s the Difference? You’ve likely expanded your vocabulary over this past year—for example, you may have learned the definitions of quarantine and incubation, and you probably found out where your nasopharyngeal cavity is. But, do you know the difference between COVID-19 antigen and antibody testing? Let’s take a closer look. Antibody Testing COVID-19 antibody testing—or serology

PCR vs Rapid COVID-19 Test

PCR vs. Rapid COVID-19 Test: What’s the Difference? As the COVID-19 crisis continues, you’ve undoubtedly heard plenty about coronavirus testing and what types are available. You’ve likely also learned the location of your nasopharyngeal cavity and can probably list all of the major coronavirus symptoms at a moment’s notice. But, do you know the differences between PCR and rapid COVID-19

Is the Flu Curable?

Is the Flu Curable? While flu season continues to be overshadowed by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the flu is still a real threat that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), affects up to 20% of the American population every year. With such a widespread impact, you may be wondering if the flu is curable. Technically, the

When to See A Doctor For an Infected Insect Bite

Is My Insect Bite Infected? When to See a Doctor Ah, summertime. The warm sunshine, balmy afternoons, and…swarming insects. It’s that season again! If you have been outside for more than a few minutes lately, you probably have a mosquito bite or two. Most insect bites are harmless and don’t require medical care, but it’s important to watch for signs

Can You Go to Urgent Care for Broken Bones?   

Can You Go to Urgent Care for Broken Bones? If you’re wondering whether or not you can visit an urgent care clinic to receive treatment for a broken bone, here’s the answer: it depends! Oftentimes, urgent care doctors can provide treatment to patients with simple fractures. This means that the injured bone has not impacted any of its surrounding tissues.