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Do Flu Shots Weaken Your Immune System? 

Do Flu Shots Weaken Your Immune System?

Do Flu Shots Weaken Your Immune System? 

No, flu shots do not weaken your immune system. This common flu myth has been debunked by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Harvard Health, and countless other reputable sources who conduct extensive research on the matter. While a 2012 study suggested that a flu shot may leave people more vulnerable to certain respiratory infections, follow-up research from many experts has not found this to be true.

It is possible to experience mild side effects immediately after receiving a flu shot—some people have temporary redness, soreness, or a low-grade fever. It’s also possible to still get the flu after being vaccinated, but your symptoms will be much less severe than if you had not received a flu shot at all.

How Does a Flu Shot Work?

A flu shot actually bolsters the immune system by preparing it to battle the seasonal influenza virus. Flu vaccines contain ingredients that trigger the creation of antibodies, which will help protect you from getting sick. These antibodies take about two weeks to develop, though, so don’t delay getting your flu shot!

Flu Shots at Fast Track Urgent Care

If you have additional questions about flu shots and their potential risks, you can turn to the board-certified clinicians at Fast Track Urgent Care. Our fully equipped immediate care centers in Kensington and Silver Spring, Maryland, provide flu shots to adults and kids every day on a walk-in basis. Our professionals can also explain the many benefits of receiving a flu vaccine and address any concerns you may have—our goal is to help you make confident and informed decisions about your care. Visit us today!