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Walk-In Lab Testing for Mono in Silver Spring, MD

Mono Testing Silver Spring MD If you constantly feel tired and worn down no matter how many hours of sleep you catch, mononucleosis (mono) may be to blame. This common viral infection can cause several weeks or even months of severe fatigue, sometimes along with other symptoms like fever, sore throat, and swollen lymph nodes in your neck. In the event that you’re experiencing the symptoms of mono, consider visiting Fast Track Urgent Care for convenient and accurate mono testing on a walk-in basis.

Our approach to mono testing

Fast Track Urgent Care’s centers in Silver Spring and Kensington, Maryland, are equipped with clinical labs to provide mono testing onsite. There are two main types of tests that can be used to diagnose mono:

  • A monospot test – Mono is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, so a monospot test is performed to check a patient’s blood sample for antibodies that are produced as a result of this virus.
  • A white blood cell test – A small blood sample is taken and evaluated to check for abnormal-looking or elevated levels of lymphocytes (white blood cells), a tell-tale sign of mononucleosis.

In addition to blood work, a physical exam is another key aspect of mono testing. As our patient, you’ll be evaluated by an experienced practitioner who will ask questions about your symptoms and check for abnormalities around your lymph nodes and spleen.

Visit us today

Fast Track Urgent Care’s clinics in Silver Spring and Kensington are open every day to provide mono testing and other important clinical lab services. Stop by when it works for your busy schedule! We look forward to helping you find the answers you need to your health questions.