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Tips for Staying Healthy Over the Holidays

The holidays are a time to celebrate, a time to share with friends and family. Unfortunately, if you share more than you bargained for, you might come down with a cold, the flu, or other illness. Want to prevent this from happening? Then follow these tips for staying healthy over the holidays!

Wash Your Hands

It seems overly simple, but washing your hands often throughout the day can drastically limit your exposure to germs. Prime times include before preparing food, before eating, before and after caring for someone who’s sick, after going to the bathroom, and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

Get a Flu Vaccine

If you haven’t already gotten a flu shot this year, it’s still not too late. Flu season lasts as late as May, so there’s still plenty of time left for a vaccine to protect you. Remember, it takes about two weeks for a vaccine to take effect, so don’t delay!

Disinfect Your Airplane Seat

The holidays are a popular time to travel, and airplanes are havens for germs. Pack disinfecting wipes in your carry-on bag and wipe down the armrests, tray table, and seatbelt buckle before settling in. Apply hand sanitizer before munching on any in-flight snacks, and try not to touch your eyes or nose during the entire flight.

Run a Humidifier

Low humidity in winter makes it easier for microscopic bacteria and viruses to pass through the air unimpeded by water vapor. With a humidifier, you can bring the indoor relative humidity level up to an ideal 40 or 50 percent.

Stay Hydrated

It’s also important to remain hydrated in winter since moist mucous membranes help keep bugs out of your system. Water is best for staying hydrated, but tea and juice are also good options. Then, if you indulge in a glass or two of bubbly at a holiday party, remember to alternate each serving of alcohol with a glass of water. This helps prevent dehydration and keeps you safe from the effects of consuming too much alcohol.

Get Enough Sleep

It’s easy to run yourself ragged during the holidays, but if you don’t get enough sleep, you inadvertently lower your body’s defenses and increase the chance of getting sick. Aim for a full eight hours of sleep a night to keep your immune system going strong.

Take Your Medication

Whether you use an inhaler for asthma, have a prescription to prevent blood clots, or take medication for high blood pressure, don’t let the hectic nature of the holidays cause you to forget about these important medicines! If you travel out of town to visit family, make sure you take an ample supply of medicine with you. Visit your doctor before you travel to restock your prescription, if necessary.

Know the Location of Urgent Care Clinics in Maryland

It’s smart to familiarize yourself with urgent care clinic locations in your area, just in case you experience an urgent medical need. If you live in or will be visiting Montgomery County, Maryland over the holidays, Fast Track Urgent Care is the clinic you need. We have two locations—one in Silver Spring and another in Kensington—to serve all of Montgomery County with high-quality, state-of-the-art urgent care.

We diagnose and treat everything from colds and the flu to broken bones to ear infections. We’re open seven days a week with evening hours on weekdays, and we require no appointment to see a doctor. Stop by Fast Track Urgent Care in Silver Spring or Kensington for all your holiday health needs – or call 800-417-1164 to learn more about us.