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Workers Compensation—How We Can Help!

The last thing most people want is to be injured at their place of employment, leaving them unable to work. If this happens, you may ask yourself a series of questions such as, “How will I pay for my medical bills?” or “How am I going to purchase groceries and other essential items if I don’t work?” If you are injured on the job, there is no need to panic. Luckily, you can file for workers compensation to help you with medical bills and living expenses.

How to File for Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is a type of insurance offered through your employer to individuals who have been hurt on the job. To obtain this insurance, you must take the following steps:

  1. Seek medication attention immediately if it is an emergency. If you injure yourself and need stitches, a cast, or other immediate attention, see your doctor as soon as possible.
  2. Report your injury to your employer as soon as possible. If you wait too long to tell your employer, you may become ineligible and forced to take care of expenses on your own. If you are a part of a union, tell your union representative as soon as possible.
  3. Follow up with your employer to ensure he/she has filled out necessary claims. You will also have to fill out paperwork regarding the incident.
  4. Visit your doctor to explain and evaluate the injury. Your doctor will have to fill out paperwork as well to ensure your injury will affect your ability to complete your job. Be sure to follow the doctor’s recommendations and submit the appropriate paperwork regarding your injury.
  5. Wait to hear from the claims administrator. If your claim is accepted, specific directions will be on your claims letter to set up payments. If your claim is denied, you will receive a denial letter. From there, you have the option to appeal the denial—in which you will have a trial to appeal your case.

How Fast Track Urgent Care Can Help

If you are injured on the job, Fast Track Urgent Care can help. We offer two convenient locations—both where no appointment is ever necessary. Simply walk in to our office, explain your situation, and be seen that day!

We have worked with many injured workers throughout the Maryland area who have filed for workers compensation. We understand the procedure as well as paperwork to get you coverage you need. If you’re hurt on the job, stop by our facility or give us a call for more information.

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