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Offering Common Cold Treatment for Residents of White Oak, MD

The common cold can leave you feeling less than your best in White Oak, Maryland. And while a cold will often clear on its own after a couple of weeks, more severe or extended symptoms may warrant a trip to your local urgent care clinic. Residents of White Oak, MD, can turn to Fast Track Urgent Care for common cold treatment. With two convenient locations nearby and same-day appointments available, our urgent care clinics offer the prompt and reliable services you need when seeking common cold treatment.

Symptoms of a Common Cold

The common cold is caused by a virus that affects the upper respiratory system. It can cause symptoms like coughing, sneezing, runny nose, congestion, sore throat, headache, fever, and aches. Typically, a cold will last around one to two weeks before dissipating. However, for individuals with weakened immune systems and other complications, a common cold may last longer or feel more severe. In these cases, it’s best to turn to Fast Track Urgent Care for common cold treatment.

Treatment for the Common Cold

The treatment for a cold often includes getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated. Over-the-counter fever reducers and pain relievers may also help provide temporary relief from symptoms. Testing and other treatments may be recommended by a medical professional if there are complications or other unusual circumstances related to your common cold symptoms.

Turn to Fast Track Urgent Care

If you’re experiencing severe or extended symptoms of a common cold, it’s best to be checked by a medical professional at Fast Track Urgent Care. Many infections can cause similar symptoms, and we can evaluate your condition to determine the best way to help you start feeling better. Stop by either of our walk-in clinics located near White Oak, MD, or contact us today.