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Walk-In Insect Bite Treatment in Silver Spring, MD

Insect Bite Treatment Silver Spring MD If a painful insect bite has left you seeking treatment for you or your child, Fast Track Urgent Care is here to help. Our fully equipped urgent care centers in Silver Spring and Kensington, Maryland, cater to patients of all ages with a wide array of non-life-threatening health concerns, including bites and stings from insects like mosquitos, wasps, bees, fire ants, chiggers, fleas, ticks, and spiders.

Many insect bites cause mild redness, itching, and discomfort that can be managed at home with anti-itch creams, cold compresses, and a little bit of patience as the bite heals. However, Fast Track Urgent Care’s physicians and other experienced medical practitioners can treat bites with symptoms that are especially uncomfortable or long-lasting. Our team can also remove ticks and stingers, as well as provide advice on how to protect yourself in the future.

When to Call 911

Some people are severely allergic to insect bites and should seek emergency treatment if one occurs. Be sure to call 911 if you or someone around you experiences any of the following after a sting or bite:

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Hives
  • Swollen throat, lips, or eyelids
  • Cramps or vomiting
  • Fast heartbeat

Otherwise, Fast Track Urgent Care can provide the prompt and convenient insect bite treatment you need. Visit us today! Our centers in Silver Spring and Kensington have extended hours every day and do not require appointments. If you prefer, you can also reserve an appointment online at your convenience.