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Get Your Physical Done at Our Urgent Care Center In Silver Spring or Kensington, Maryland!

You don’t have to be sick to visit the doctor. In fact, annual physical exams are an important piece of preventive health care. Plan to visit the doctor once a year or as required by your school, sports coach, summer camp, or Department of Transportation (DOT) job.

Fast Track Urgent Care offers physical exams in Montgomery County, MD. No appointment is necessary! You can also contact us to learn more.

Why Are Physicals Important?

Your physical exam is a chance to determine your overall health status. It can reveal undiagnosed conditions before they potentially become worse. It’s also the perfect opportunity to discuss any aches and pains or other symptoms you’re concerned about. If you’re thinking about starting a new diet or exercise routine, it’s wise to get a physical and discuss your plans with your doctor first.

How Can I Prepare for a Physical?

Before you visit Fast Track Urgent Care—whether by appointment or on a walk-in basis—make sure you’re prepared to discuss the following:

  • Your medical and surgical history
  • Results of recent tests or screenings
  • Your vaccination status
  • Any medications you’re taking, including over-the-counter drugs and herbal supplements
  • Your lifestyle behaviors, including whether you drink or smoke, your diet or exercise habits, and your sexual activity
  • Any pain or symptoms you have experienced lately
  • Any other questions or concerns you have about your health

What Can I Expect During a Physical?

The exact steps depend on the type of physical exam you receive. During a typical physical, your doctor will do the following:

  • Talk with you about why you’re requesting a physical and go over the items listed above.
  • Check your vital signs, including blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, and body temperature.
  • Perform a head and neck exam to check your eyes, ears, throat, nose, lymph nodes, thyroid gland, and carotid arteries.
  • Conduct an abdominal exam to detect any tenderness.
  • Carry out a neurological exam to test your reflexes, balance, and muscle strength.
  • Check your reproductive organs if you’re receiving a male or female wellness exam.
  • Order laboratory tests, such as a blood sugar test or cholesterol test, if any symptoms suggest a problem.

Types of Physicals Available at Fast Track Urgent Care

Visit our walk-in clinic for a routine physical or any of the following specialized physical exams:

  • School physicals: Help prepare your child for another successful school year! If your doctor discovers any concerns with your child’s health, you can receive an early diagnosis and pursue treatment.
  • Sports physicals: Ensure it’s safe for you or your child to participate in a new sport or other physical activity. Your doctor can also provide personalized training tips to avoid injuries.
  • Summer camp physicals: It’s important to determine the health of campers and counselors before summer camp begins. If your child has a physical limitation, such as asthma or a weak ankle, your doctor may recommend avoiding certain activities while at camp.
  • DOT physicals: A DOT physical is required to obtain a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) license. The exam determines that you’re fit for the job.

Visit Fast Track Urgent Care for Physicals in Montgomery County, MD

We know you’re busy. That’s why we offer walk-in physical exams during regular business hours as well as in the evenings and on weekends. This makes it easy to stop by when it’s most convenient for you. Make preventive health a priority—visit Fast Track Urgent Care in Silver Spring and Kensington for a physical today!

For answers to your remaining questions about physical exams, please call us at 301-949-0030 to reach our clinic in Kensington or 301-384-5010 for our clinic in Silver Spring.