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Consult an Urgent Care Doctor in the Silver Spring, MD, Area

Urgent Care Doctor Silver Spring MD If a stubborn cough, sinus congestion, or any other common health concern has left you searching for an urgent care doctor, head straight to the Fast Track Urgent Care location nearest you. Our fully equipped immediate care centers in Silver Spring and Kensington, Maryland, are open from early to late every day because we know that illnesses and injuries don’t abide by regular business hours. Plus, we work hard to keep our wait times brief and even offer a convenient online check-in system that allows you to reserve your spot in line from the comfort of your own couch.

Should I see an urgent care doctor?

It’s a good idea to visit an urgent care doctor if you have any routine symptoms that concern you. At Fast Track Urgent Care, our doctors and other experienced practitioners have backgrounds in emergency medicine and treat colds, sinus infections, UTIs, strep throat, sprains, mild burns, and many other non-life-threatening health concerns. And, unlike most primary care centers that are often booked for days in advance, we provide same-day treatment without an appointment.

With this said, some health concerns warrant a trip to the hospital emergency room. Be sure to go to the ER or call 911 if you or someone around you is having difficulty breathing or severe chest pains, has lost consciousness, has a wound with uncontrolled bleeding, or is experiencing other potentially life-threatening symptoms.

Otherwise, Fast Track Urgent Care is here to help the next time you need an urgent care doctor. Visit us in Silver Spring or Kensington! Our locations serve adults and children and are in-network with most health insurance providers.