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Upper Respiratory Infection Treatment for Kemp Mill, MD, Residents

Fast Track Urgent Care is your source for upper respiratory infection (URI) treatment. With two offices located close to Kemp Mill, Maryland, our walk-in clinics offer the prompt and reliable care and treatment you need to alleviate your symptoms. While URIs often resolve on their own, you may want to visit our urgent care clinic if your symptoms are more severe than usual or have lasted more than a few days without improvement.

Offering Diagnosis & Treatment of Various Respiratory Infections

Upper respiratory infections include common colds, sinusitis, laryngitis, and other infections. This family of infections typically cause similar symptoms that affect the throat and nasal passages, including sinus pressure, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, and pain or tenderness in these areas. Additionally, these symptoms can be very similar to other conditions such as the flu, asthma, pneumonia, and more. Therefore, it’s important to visit one of our walk-in clinics for a proper diagnosis.

At Fast Track Urgent Care, we offer prompt and reliable care for a variety of upper respiratory infections and related non-emergency conditions. We’ll start by discussing your symptoms, performing any lab tests or other assessments needed to diagnose your URI, and providing you with the treatment you need to help alleviate your symptoms and get you feeling good again.

Visit One of Our Clinics Today

If you’re experiencing respiratory infection symptoms, visit one of our walk-in clinics today for the upper respiratory infection treatment you need or contact us to set up an appointment. We have two locations near Kemp Mill, MD, for your convenience.