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What steps do you take to make sure you and your family stay healthy? If you eat right, exercise, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep at night, you’re on the right track to ensuring a robust immune system. Another important suggestion is to get all your recommended vaccinations.

At Fast Track Urgent Care, we make it easy to get the vaccines and flu shots you need. We’re open seven days a week with extended evening hours to suit your schedule. Learn more about our vaccine program before you stop in by calling 800-417-1164 today.

Who Needs Vaccinations?

You and your family should receive a combination of age-specific immunizations and seasonal vaccines to protect you from avoidable diseases. Here’s a snapshot of who should receive which vaccinations:

  • Children from birth to age six should follow the immunization schedule set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Preteens and teens up to age 18 should receive their recommended immunizations and booster shots, along with any vaccines they missed in early childhood.
  • Children and teens should receive school-mandated vaccines required for specific grade levels and college admittance.
  • Healthcare workers and any adults working in close contact with young children or anyone with a chronic health condition should receive routine vaccines.
  • Pregnant women should get a flu shot, pertussis (whooping cough) immunization, and any other recommended vaccines to protect the fetus.
  • Anyone planning to travel internationally should receive vaccines four to six weeks before the trip.

Benefits of Our Vaccine Program

You can receive the vaccines your family needs in many places around Montgomery County, but our program is one of the best. The benefits we offer include:

  • Flu shots: Whether you’re looking for a standard flu shot, FluMist, preservative-free flu vaccine, or high-dosage flu shot, we have what you’re looking for. If you’re unsure which option suits your needs best, we’ll offer our professional advice.
  • Convenient hours: We understand your schedule may not work around your regular doctor’s office hours. That’s why we’re open evenings and weekends. Plus, as a walk-in clinic, there’s no need for an appointment. However, it may still be wise to call ahead to ensure we have the vaccine you require in stock.
  • Quality of service: There’s no need to compromise quality care for convenience when you choose Fast Track Urgent Care for all your vaccine needs. Our board-certified doctors and clinicians offer the excellent medical care you would expect from your regular doctor.
  • Insurance plans: Fast Track Urgent Care accepts most major forms of insurance. To make sure you’re covered, feel free to call us at 800-417-1164 before your visit.
  • Travel shots: If you’re traveling internationally soon, come to Fast Track Urgent Care for travel vaccines first. We’ll provide you with all the safety information you need for your trip.

Visit Fast Track Urgent Care in Silver Spring or Kensington, MD for Vaccinations

Staying in good health and protecting your family from preventable diseases is easier than you think. Fast Track Urgent Care has locations in Silver Spring and Kensington for convenient vaccinations right when you need them. As a full-service urgent care clinic, you can choose us for all your pressing healthcare needs.

Stop by today to receive the next vaccine on your list – no appointment necessary! If you have any questions, please contact Fast Track Urgent Care today by calling us at 800-417-1164.