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Ear Infection Symptoms in Children & Adults

An ear infection is one of the more annoying ailments you can experience. Similar to a toothache, the discomfort seems to radiate well beyond your ear—affecting all aspects of your ability to function. It is usually seen in small children, where it unleashes a host of symptoms with which their immature immune systems are unable to cope.

There are several methods that doctors might use to rid you or your child of an ear infection; ranging from tube insertion, to antibiotics, or treatment of the symptoms. If you live in the Washington, DC or Maryland area, there’s no need for a rushed and expensive trip to the ER—Fast Track Urgent Care in the metro area is a walk-in clinic dedicated to treating ear infections and other medical conditions.

How Can You Be Certain You Have an Ear Infection?

Generally, the pain and discomfort radiates from the ear canal to the other parts of your face. While this is one of the more obvious signs of an ear infection, there are some obscure symptoms—especially in infants and small children—that might not be immediately-recognizable.

  • If you notice your child being inattentive or not responding to you unless you’re in her field of vision, then her hearing may be impaired and an infection could be the root cause. In fact, they may be moody, and could additionally display problems with their balance.
  • If you feel nauseated and want to vomit inexplicably (as in, you can’t trace the cause to something you ate, etc), then you may have an ear infection.
  • Fluid discharge from your ears is one of the more obvious symptoms that you would immediately trace to a possible infection. This fluid could be discolored—suggesting a that your eardrum has been compromised. This often heals by itself eventually; but in the meantime, you can seek help managing the uncomfortable symptoms in the evening and on weekends at Fast Track Urgent Care.
  • A perhaps surprising symptom of an ear infection is the inability to sleep. If you suddenly can’t get any shut-eye, and have no other plausible reasons why, then you could have a viral or bacterial infection of the ear.

What Can Be Done About an Ear Infection

There are actually a couple of possible causes of an ear infection. If it is bacterial, then our in-office doctors could prescribe a run of amoxicillin or other appropriate antibiotic to overwhelm the infection. You could be symptom-free in just a few days to a week, in most cases.

However, if the ear infection is viral, our qualified doctors and clinical staff will help you assuage the symptoms so you can finally get the much-needed rest that allows your body to defeat the viral load. We can treat or manage any illness not requiring immediate emergency room help.

So, if you or your child has any of these signs that are indicative of an ear infection, you’re welcome at any of the two Fast Track Urgent Care locations—there’s one in Silver Spring, Maryland, and another in Kensington. They’re both opened into the late evening on weekdays, and early evening on weekends. As convenient walk-in clinics, they’re available when your doctors’ offices are traditionally closed, and can offer you the treatment you need to get a good night’s rest.