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Controlling Spring Allergies

Although spring time is one of the most favorable seasons of the year, for many people it represents the onset of allergies and associated body aches. The primary reason for the sudden surge of afflictions is related to the fact that trees and plants are in fertilization-mode. They spread pollen about, which are small grains that are then carried all over the place by spring time breezes.

These tiny grains of pollen and debris end up entering your nostrils and other orifices and causing havoc on your sinuses—if you are allergic to them. In response, your immune system launches an attack that isn’t really necessary, which is why you get the sniffles and start sneezing all over the place.

If you suffer from spring allergies, check out the tips below from Fast Track Urgent Care.

Spring Allergy Tips from the Doctors at Fast Track Urgent Care

The following tips are to help you manage your allergies and make the best of the much-anticipated spring weather. One of the more obvious solutions is to restrict how long you spend outside in the open, where the assault of loose pollen will send your immune system into overdrive. But there are times, of course, when you just have to be outside, which is where the following measures come in handy.

Make Your House an Allergen-Free Zone

Primarily, this means making sure that there are shutters on the windows, so that pollen doesn’t enter the home. As summer is approaching and the temperature is getting warmer, opt for an air conditioner over a fan. Make certain the filters on the system are kept clean – otherwise debris will find its way in.

Get Allergy Medicine

Although there are natural remedies such as apple cider vinegar, Neti pots with saline solution, and quercetin, some of them—such as quercetin—can have side effects. For example, you should avoid quercetin if you’re pregnant, or have preexisting issues with your liver.

The same goes with bimmine and butterbur; although these are effective against allergies, they react with medications you may be taking for other issues. For residents of Washington, DC, Fast Track Urgent Care has approved allergy medicines that can significantly reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms—just call or walk in to find out more.

Spring Cleaning is Healthy

People bring allergens into the home with their shoes, and line-dried clothing. During allergy season, take your shoes off so they don’t spread debris throughout the house. Also, consider using the dryer instead of sunlight as many times as you can. When vacuuming, employ high-efficiency filters that can also catch all those tiny particles that your eyes can’t resolve.

Invest in an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can remove allergens, dust, pet dander and more from the air. Many homes have these installed by their local HVAC contractor and is an affordable way to reduce allergy symptoms.

More About Controlling Allergy Symptoms

To help your body in the fight against allergies, the healthcare staff at Fast Track Urgent Care is fully equipped to help you control your allergy symptoms. If you live in and around the Washington, DC region, then either of the Fast Track Urgent Care offices is nearby.

There’s one about 6 miles away from DC in Silver Springs, MD, and another 10 miles away in Kensington. They are both walk-in facilities that are fully-equipped to deal with seasonal allergies and a host of other ailments that don’t require emergency-room care.