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How Long Do Broken Bones Take to Heal?

How Long Do Broken Bones Take to Heal?

How Long Do Broken Bones Take to Heal? If you just received treatment for a broken bone, you’re probably wondering how long it’s going to take to heal. After all, having people ask to sign your cast can get old after a while. The best course of action is to speak with your doctor, who will be able to provide you with an educated answer based on the specific injury you sustained. No two bone fractures are exactly alike, and several factors like age, overall health, and the specific treatment you received will impact how long your broken bone will take to heal.

Generally speaking, though, most broken bones heal in about six to eight weeks. Many people stop feeling discomfort prior to six weeks, but it’s important for you to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to ensure your bone fully heals. To aid your recovery, avoid detrimental habits like smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, and eat a diet rich in protein, calcium, and other vital nutrients.

Broken bone treatment at Fast Track Urgent Care

Fast Track Urgent Care in Silver Spring and Kensington, Maryland, offers broken bone treatment on a walk-in basis. Unlike many other walk-in clinics, our practice is staffed with board-certified physicians and other skilled practitioners who have backgrounds in emergency medicine and ample experience caring for patients with bone fractures. We can also provide X-ray onsite to quickly make diagnoses and administer appropriate treatment.

Contact Fast Track Urgent Care today to learn more about our approach to broken bone treatment. Or, just stop by our center in Silver Spring or Kensington the next time you need us. We are open every day and accept most insurance plans.