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Physicals for University of Maryland Students

The summer months are in swing in College Park, which means that eager University of Maryland students are getting ready for those summer classes to help them get ahead, or to enrich the long days of the warmest season. Of course, this also means that your young scholar will need a school physical, and this happens to be one of the many healthcare functions performed at the Fast Track Urgent Care Clinics in your area.

For summer students that require physicals, we have two walk-in clinics located just off major highways in the DC metro area. There’s one Fast Track Urgent Care facility near the Kensington Shopping Center on Connecticut Avenue in Maryland, and another one on New Hampshire Avenue.

Fast Track Urgent Care for Convenient Physicals

There’s no need to cross your fingers and call your doctor in hopes of getting a physical in time; our Fast Track Urgent Care staff consists of fully-qualified MDs and healthcare professionals that can get it done. We’re open longer to; well into the evening hours and weekends to help work around traditional business hours. These are some of the procedures you can expect when your child comes in for his physical:

  • Measure and record your child’s weight and height.
  • Run tests to determine whether he has scoliosis or other spinal issues developing.
  • Routine blood pressure monitoring.
  • Ascertain family medical history.
  • Orifice examination; which includes checking his ears for hearing, eyes for vision, and throat.
  • Check breathing and condition of the heart
  • Determine current prescription/non-prescription medications

We also perform camp and sports physicals for your University of Maryland student, in addition to flu shots to ward off the seasonal bug that’s usually the number one reason for missed classes. With collective decades’ of experience and medical school knowledge between the members of our staff, your child can rely on us for allergy treatments, sprains and muscle strains, and properly-treated ear infections.

Benefits of Treatment at an Urgent Care Walk-in Facility

  • First of all, we serve as the best bridge between emergency room care and home resolutions; our wait times are generally far shorter than your typical emergency room, and our staff is just as capable – consisting of doctors that used to work at hospitals, and many that still do.
  • Fast Track Urgent Care facilities are both walk-in clinics, so you don’t need an appointment – just bring yourself or your child in to see us. You can be assured of the same unrivaled competence of treatment that you’d get at the office of your primary physician.
  • We have pharmacies in-house, so you can obtain any necessary prescriptions at the same location, on the same day – without having to drive across town.
  • And of course, our hours are tailor-made to make sure that care is available at your convenience. Both Fast Track Urgent Care clinics are open until 9 at night on weekdays, and we have extended weekend hours – that would be both Saturday and Sunday.

We cannot understate the importance of a back-to-school summer physical for your University of Maryland student. It helps find and rectify any unknown illnesses, and a clean bill of health is enough to alleviate any parent’s worries. Furthermore, it’s always nice to know the general state of your child’s health. Our friendly professionals are standing by for any question you might have – gives us a call at 800-417-1164.