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Where to Get a Summer Camp Physical

Summer camp is a great place for children to explore, make new friends, learn a new skill, and to just be kids. Whether your child is going away for a few days or going to camp for several weeks, it probably leaves you, as the parent, slightly worried and stressed. Packing, getting a physical, and filling out appropriate paperwork alone can be a hassle.

Luckily, if you live in the Washington, DC metro area, getting a summer camp physical isn’t a huge task. At Fast Track’s walk-in facility, you can walk in and leave with your completed physical on the same day. A summer camp physical is not to be taken lightly or to be avoided—your child’s wellbeing depends on it! Make sure your child gets a physical before he/she goes away to summer camp.

Why Does My Child Need a Physical Before Summer Camp?

We hear this all the time, “My child is healthy why do I need to pay for a physical?” or, “My child got a physical last year do they really need to do another?” The answer is yes—most of the time, a physical is required in order for your child to participate in sports and other activities. Why?

Physicals evaluate your child, their current health conditions, allergies, and much more. Conditions are noted which then tells the camp director, counselor, or nurse what he or she cannot participate in or medical conditions they should be aware of—for example sever allergies to peanut butter or bee stings.

What Happens During a Camp Physical?

During a physical, the physician will look for any illnesses or injuries that would make it unsafe for your child to participate. Not only could your child hurt him or herself, but they can also risk the lives and well-being of others if your child is ill. During a physical, a medical professional will evaluate the following:

  • Medical history to evaluate any medical issue
  • Medical conditions that may need to be treated before the trip or given medication for—for example, if your child suffers from allergies or asthma.
  • Any previous broken bones, fractures, and sprains to ensure it is completely healed.
  • Any previous concussions to ensure it is safe to participate in sports.
  • Previous immunization shots to ensure your child is safe and cannot spread diseases and illness.
  • Any allergies and treatment methods so the camp nurse or counselor will know how to handle it—for example bee stings.

Where to Get a Camp Physical in Maryland?

If you’re looking to get a camp physical for your child in the Washington, DC metro area, count on Fast Track Urgent Care. With us, there is no appointment necessary. Simply walk in with your physical papers in hand and our professionals will evaluate your child and their current medical conditions.

Stop by our urgent care facility or give us a call to learn more!