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When Is Urgent Care the Right Choice?

Unsure if you should visit an urgent care center, an emergency room, or your family doctor’s office? We understand when it comes to your health or the health of a loved one, you want what’s best—which is why we have outlined when it’s the right choice to visit an urgent care facility.

Reasons to Visit an Urgent Care

You need medical attention for an illness – if you have an illness that requires an antibiotic or another medication, visiting an urgent care office is easy and requires no appointment. Simply walk in, explain your symptoms, allow your doctor to analyze your situation, and receive treatment. Some illnesses or symptoms that can be treated immediately include:

You need a physical – whether it’s for work, school, or sports, physicals are easy and fast at an urgent care. Not only do you get your results and paperwork filled out immediately, you also do not need to make an appointment and wait several days—even weeks—for an opening like at a family doctor.

You need stitches – sometimes, accidents happen. If you or your child needs stitches, you could be waiting hours in an emergency waiting room. Cut the wait nearly in half and visit an urgent care. They can easily clean the wound and stitch the cut.

You are in need of lab tests – if you are looking for an STD test, pregnancy test, blood test, and more, visit our urgent care medical office. We can provide you with the medical testing you need so you can ensure the best possible health for you or your loved one.

You need treatment for a sprain or broken bonespraining a joint or breaking a bone is easy to do, especially during sports activity or manual labor. If you sprain a join and need a splint, visit an urgent care facility to avoid waiting hours in the emergency room and to get the problem taken care of immediately.

Other Urgent Care Services

There are many other additional reasons to visit an urgent care facility like Fast Track Urgent Care. Not only do we provide walk-in services, you can also make an appointment to see a specialist regarding:

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