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Same-Day Sunburn Treatment Provided in Silver Spring, MD

Man with painful sunburn on arm

Spending a little time in the sunshine every day offers several health benefits, such as an improved circadian rhythm and boosted serotonin levels. But if you spend too much time enjoying the outdoors without proper sun protection, painful sunburns can occur. That’s where Fast Track Urgent Care comes in! Our fully equipped and physician-led urgent care center in Silver Spring, Maryland, offers walk-in sunburn treatment every day to kids and adults. Simply visit us when you need medical care or take advantage of our online appointment scheduling system.

When to Seek Medical Treatment for a Sunburn

While most sunburns can be remedied at home with some soothing aloe gel, noticeably severe or extensive burns should be examined by a medical professional. It’s a good idea to visit Fast Track Urgent Care for treatment if your sunburn:

  • Causes large blisters on the legs, arms, or abdomen
  • Causes blisters on the genitals, hands, or face
  • Becomes significantly swollen
  • Shows signs of infection, which may include pus or red streaks extending from the area
  • Is accompanied by nausea, low-grade fever, or headache
  • Worsens despite at-home care

When to Call 911

Second- or third-degree sunburns are often associated with severe dehydration and heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke, which are medical emergencies. Call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room for sunburn treatment if:

  • Sunburnt skin resembles leather, becomes numb, or turns white
  • A fever higher than 103 degrees Fahrenheit develops
  • Confusion, dizziness, noticeably cold skin, or loss of consciousness occurs

Find Relief Today

Fast Track Urgent Care is a convenient and affordable source of sunburn treatment in non-life-threatening scenarios. Visit us in Silver Spring today! We accept most health insurance plans, including Medicare, Tricare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.