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What Is the Best Treatment for Swimmer’s Ear? 

What Is the Best Treatment for Swimmer’s Ear?

What Is the Best Treatment for Swimmer’s Ear? Swimmer’s ear (otitis externa) refers to an infection that develops in the outer ear, or the space between the outside of the ear and the ear drum. Often, this condition develops as a result of water that collects in the ear after taking a swim, which creates an ideal environment for bacterial growth. Each patient’s best course of swimmer’s ear treatment will vary according to the severity of his or her symptoms, but most treatment plans involve using antibacterial and anti-inflammatory eardrops and keeping the ear clean. Some patients may require antifungal eardrops depending on the source of the infection.

If you suspect that you or your child may have swimmer’s ear, it’s important to promptly seek medical treatment. If left unaddressed, swimmer’s ear can lead to more complex infections. Some of the most common symptoms of swimmer’s ear include itching or pain around the outside of the ear, ear redness, fluid drainage, and a feeling of fullness inside the ear.

Our Approach to Swimmer’s Ear Treatment

Fast Track Urgent Care’s fully equipped urgent care centers in Silver Spring and Kensington, Maryland, provide walk-in swimmer’s ear treatment to adults and children. Our clinics have extended hours every day and are led by physicians and other medical professionals who have backgrounds in emergency medicine—this means we know how to provide a high level of medical care in an efficient manner. Visit us today! Our team looks forward to helping you feel your best.