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When to Go to Urgent Care in Silver Spring, MD

When it comes to receiving the medical care you need, you have a few choices:

  • You can reach for a first aid kit and attempt to remedy the problem at home. But, what if the injury or illness is beyond your expertise to treat?
  • You can call your family doctor. But, what if it’s after hours and you can’t wait for an appointment?
  • You can go to the emergency room. But, this could be a costly choice if you don’t need ER-level treatment.

Fortunately, Fast Track Urgent Care in Silver Spring bridges the gap between these three options. We provide same-day treatment for urgent medical situations, plus convenient walk-in services for other types of care you and your family need. With extended evening and weekend hours, we cater to your busy schedule so you don’t have to skip important medical care just because you can’t take work off.

If you have a medical need and you’re not sure where to go, use this guide to help you know when urgent care is the right choice.

Urgent, Non-Life-Threatening Injuries or Illnesses

Fast Track Urgent Care in Silver Spring is the best place to go if you or your child is injured or sick, but the condition is not life threatening. Our services are less expensive than the ER, and the wait times are often shorter than your doctor’s office. Plus, with no appointment needed, you can head over right away.

Choose urgent care for the following non-life-threatening conditions:

When is the ER Appropriate?

Examples of life-threatening injuries and symptoms that warrant a visit to the emergency room include seizures, major head trauma, severe pain, poisoning, snake bites, severe burns, and chest pain. As a rule of thumb, you should choose the ER over urgent care if a foreign object has entered the person’s body, the pain is severe, or the person is incoherent. In short, if you fear for the victim’s life, call 911 or go to the emergency room right away. Otherwise, urgent care provides a faster, more affordable way to receive medical care when you need it.

If you have any questions about what constitutes a life-threatening condition, please contact us or call 800-417-1164.

Walk-In Health Services

You don’t need an appointment for any services at our urgent care clinic, whether you’re seeking treatment, testing, or a wellness visit. Even if you’re completely healthy, you may need to visit Fast Track Urgent Care in Silver Spring for certain diagnostic and preventative services. Here’s what we offer:

Fast Track Urgent Care in Silver Spring, MD is Equipped to Meet Your Needs

To avoid the scheduling nightmare of seeing your primary physician and receive the care you need without lingering in the ER waiting room, come to Fast Track Urgent Care in Silver Spring! We have qualified doctors and state-of-the-art equipment to cater to your needs. We also have an office in Kensington, allowing us to serve all of Montgomery County with fast, affordable, high-quality medical care.

Stop by today for whatever routine or urgent need you have. Don’t worry about setting an appointment – just stop by at your convenience!

If you have any questions about our services before you come in, contact us at 800-417-1164.