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Where Can I Get a Flu Shot in Maryland?

Where Can I Get a Flu Shot in Maryland? Many physician’s offices, pharmacies, and urgent care clinics offer flu shots just before and during flu season, which typically runs from October through March and peaks between December and February. If you live in Montgomery County, Maryland, and would like to be vaccinated against the flu, an excellent place to turn

Who Should Be Tested for the Coronavirus Disease?

Who Should Be Tested for the Coronavirus Disease? As the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) affects people around the globe, you’re likely hearing all sorts of information about potential new symptoms and who should—and should not—be tested. While the COVID-19 pandemic is still a rapidly evolving situation, coronavirus testing capabilities throughout the country have generally improved, allowing more individuals to receive

Heart Health: Habits that Could Save Your Life

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. It can strike anyone—but there are ways to reduce your risk. Healthy habits can decrease your chances of getting heart disease. The key components are nutrition, physical activity, and weight management. And of course, the big one: quitting smoking. If this seems overwhelming, remember—you can start slow and

Fast Track Supports Wounded Vets in FL Bike Ride

Homecoming is the celebratory start of what can be a tough road for America’s returning service members. Not only do they have to readjust to civilian life, but suddenly there are bills to pay and household responsibilities in need of attention. Thankfully there are many organizations and individuals working to make things easier on our veterans when they come home.